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Cookbook Recipes

This is What I Call Cooking
by Klar Kochen (also known as Mom)


Photos of Shasta County and Around the World, Hans

Early Morning Fisherman

Photos of Germany, Hans
German photos
An Austrian Horse


From Bär to Bear

As a teenager in Nazi-Germany I was forced to speak “Politically Correct” to keep my ass out of a concentration camp. I was drafted when I was 17 years old and spent three years at the northen Russian frons as a Luftwaffen communications specialist. At the end of the war I was still in the Soviet Union in the Courland pocket in Latvia. It took me 175 days to get back to my hometown Berlin. I had lost my family, my home, all my belongings as well as my country.

From Bär to Bear

Paul war ein Einzelgaenger, dessen knappe Lebensphilosophie die er in einem einzigen Satz zusammenfasste: "Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom." Dieses Buch gibt keine detaillierten Ausfuehrungen ueber Deutschlands Weg von der Weimarer Republik ueber das "1000 jaehrige Reich" zum Zusammenbruch Deutschlands und der Nachkriegszeit, aber es zeigt, wie es einem Menschen gelang diese negativen Ereignisse zu ueberleben, um in Amerika ein

Cold War, Hot Love

In 1961, I immigrated from Canada to Santa Barbara, California. The defense companies needed me because of my years of experience in optics and electronics.

Cold War, Hot Love

Whitmore History Book

Whitmore, Shasta County, County, CaliforniaKilarc Turbine

A literary photograph of the settlers who managed to tame the Whitmore wilderness. This should be a textbook for anyone studying the settling of California. "Now I know what "

Whitmore, Shasta County, California

Jan Photos of Whitmore
Craven Homestead


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